Sunday, September 18, 2011

Car Insurance Tips

Pass Plus
Designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), the pass plus is the ideal course to enhance driving skills and road awareness. As it's done within 12 months of successfully passing the driving test the majority who follow up with this course are normally young drivers, the very ones who find car insurance so expensive. But by taking the Pass Plus, any inexperience on the road is quickly resolved with the help of professional instructors guiding the student through various assessment modules. For young drivers, the experience gained from completing the Pass Plus course will ensure they receive more favourable quotes from car insurance companies. Young drivers could be looking to save in the region of 30% on their first policy just by completing this course. However, when applying for a car insurance quote it's always wise to let the insurer know if you have completed the Pass Plus, as often they will leave declarations like this up to you. You can learn more about the Pass Plus here.

Get a Variety of Insurance Quotes
Apply for as many insurance quotes as your time will allow. Many people consider three as a satisfactory number, but it's logical that the more you get the easier it is in spotting the best deals, and getting as many as seven will give you the best chance of finding the cheapest quote. Remember to compare all insurance quotes on a like-for-like basis though, as even the most expensive one might appear considerably cheaper if all the extras are taken into account. You might find one insurance policy comes with breakdown cover as standard, while another it may have to be bought seperately, and by paying extra it could make the cheaper insurance roughly the same as the more expensive one.

Reduce the risk of theft by parking your vehicle off-road. Garages and driveways are a big deterrent to thieves, so if you are able to park your car safely in either of these then it's always advisable to do so. This alone can save you 5% on your car insurance. However, don't be tempted to say your car is garaged overnight if it isn't. Tempting as it may be to try and reduce your insurance costs it is also classed as false information, and supplying false information can invalidate your whole car insurance policy.

Choice of Car
Choose your car wisely. If you're looking to cut down on car insurance costs bear in mind that the make of car, the engine size, its age and value are all used in calculating insurance quotes. Cars with small engines and no modifications, which also have cheap and easily accessible spare parts, are an ideal choice if you want to keep insurance premiums to a minimum. But also consider the car's insurance group rating as well. All vehicles in the UK are assigned a group rating number between 1 and 20, and by choosing a car with a lower number will significantly reduce the overall cost of your car insurance. You can learn more about the car insurance rating system here.


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