Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Concept Nissan Land Glider

It seams that if a motorcycles for you is the best way to get around, this new conceptual car from Nissan - Nissan Land Glider can become best choice to. This zero-emissions electric car seats two in-line and is just 3.6-feet wide, utilizing motorcycle tires that dip on one side when turning to enable leans of up to 17 degrees, combining clever, new driving experiences, all in the one compact, 4-wheeled package.The Tokyo Motor Show is just a few weeks away, where this interesting concept will be on display -- and surely many others that are even more out there. Check out a video of this one tipping precariously just after the break.

"The exterior incorporates a soft, sleek-looking body that appears to be protected by a special armor," explains Takashi Nakajima, Nissan's Project Design Director. "And while it is very mechanical in its nature, the four-wheeler boasts a dynamic body design that almost seems alive. As part of Nissan's expanding zero emission family, the Nissan Land Glider Concept exudes a clean, friendly attitude."

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Doug Leibrant said...

These electrics have come a long way from the Detroit Electrics of a hundred years ago.