Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Car Buying Tips: Insurance

Many car dealers offer insurance policy as part of the deal when you are buying new car. It can be offered as bonus or as optional purchase. Of course, you can also find an insurance plan for the car yourself. If you are on the lookout for a new car to buy and you want to have the best car insurance with the deal, here are several tips related to insurance for new cars you can use right away.

Consider buying insurance-friendly cars if you want to save money on your car’s insurance policy. Instead of getting large SUVs or cars with a lot of horsepower, you can simply opt for economical cars with good engine performance yet moderate horsepower. You will be surprised to know just how much you can save on car insurance when you buy insurance-friendly vehicles.

You shouldn’t settle for the insurance plan offered by the car dealership right away. Instead, do a bit of research yourself and discover the best possible insurance deal for your car. Unless the insurance policy offered by the car dealership is beneficial for you, you should always opt to get the insurance policy yourself from quality insurance company.

Another thing you may also want to consider before buying insurance for your new car is adding security devices. You can even ask the dealership to install car alarms and added security devices as purchase bonuses. With proper security measures installed, your car insurance premium will certainly be a lot cheaper than you can imagine.

Other than the basics we’ve mentioned earlier, car insurance for your new car can simply be obtained along with the purchase. You can even get the insurance coverage as a bonus, especially when you are using auto finance to pay for your new car purchase. If you do use auto financing options, make sure you consider purchasing a separate GAP insurance for your car as well. The GAP insurance policy will help cover possible costs and losses should your car is damaged within the first two or three months from the purchase, allowing you to avoid financial hazards easily.

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